This blog is about the Vesica Piscis Method of Healing. The VPM has been used successfully by adults to heal themselves of cancer and many other illnesses. The Vesica Piscis, itself, is an ancient symbol of the Divine Feminine.

The lack of a powerful Feminine presence in the world for the past 5000 years, IMHO, has caused all of the ills known to humanity since then. Her return to her rightful place in the hearts and minds of all people, will bring us back to the Garden. The way she will come is through the right hemisphere of the brain--the feminine aspect of our minds. It is a part  that our worldwide culture does not use nearly enough.

A perhaps oversimplified example of how the male mind and the female mind contrast is this : 

Imagine a "dutiful' mother of several young children, who  also  strives to be an excellent wife, daughter, and member of her community. She puts out a great deal of energy nurturing others and feels that this is as it should be. She is being a good person. However, it does not always feel good. She has to push herself often to do all she has set herself. 

It is her Feminine mind which is saying, "This does not feel good. I want to stop and nurture myself too."
It is her rational Masculine mind which is saying, "This is your duty, and in order to be a good person you must sacrifice yourself and nurture others first, foremost and always."

However, if she does listen to her body and her emotions, and do more for herself first and less for others overall, she discovers that the breast cancer goes away. 

Cancer is a teacher of basic spiritual truths that we have gotten out of touch with.

In future, as we use our Feminine minds more, we will come to trust our bodies, emotions,  inclinations and intuitions much more--and find they are always wiser than our best "rational thinking." Faith in a benevolent and elegantly choreographed Universe will grow stronger and stronger.

The Vesica Piscis Method of Healing can  be used to heal many things besides cancer and other illnesses including:  injuries, and damaged relationships, finances and the environment on both a personal and global scale.