The  inner child... is the foundation of our character--our persona. The fact that she came first in our life speaks symbolically to her spiritual importance. She was meant to always come first. We were not meant to grow up and leave her behind. We are meant to understand that she is always with us and that she needs to be first in our thoughts when we consider any action.

She is very closely allied to our body and our soul. She comes in from our life before this life "trailing clouds of glory," as Wordsworth said. She is very close to our God self.

However, we are in a period  of our human development when we have been focused, for the past 5,000 years (in the West) to 20, 000 years (in The East) in the intellect. I call it our male mind. Before then, for the 8 million years of our development before that, were primarily focused in our intuition--our female mind. That mind is the one the animals use -- who are vastly more intelligent than our intellect understands.

So the inner child, since the rise of our male mind, has basically gotten ignored. And this is very bad news for our entire being! We absolutely need the child mind/ feminine mind/intuitive mind in order to function at our best, our simplest, and our happiest--AND OUR HEALTHIEST!

In terms of cancer, if we had better access to the child mind-- and the emotions that are are her purview--we would never have gotten this dread disease! But now we do--in fact it is pandemic in our culture!

This child self that most of us are so out of touch with holds the key to our healing--not only of cancer but of every illness--- and not only every illness--but of every societal ill!  The child is Mother to the woman and Father to the man.

So how do we access this poor thing that has now been so dissed that she has now spawned an angry frustrated sister-self. The wonderful living wise inner child is still there. But there is also an angry, sad, scared wounded child now that we must deal with. If we can heal her, we can heal the cancer.

She is the one who is still emotionally honest. But when her feelings come up we tend to use our intellect to shush her/them. The intellect, in his most conservative and frightened aspect, is very afraid of the emotions--and there fore the child. He does not trust her. He just wants to dominate her.

 That is why men so often are out of touch with their feelings. They embody the dominance of the intellect and male mind right now in this stage of human evolution. Women too have largely focused their awareness in the intellect--put most of their eggs into the male mind basket. But women are not as fully vested in it as men are. This is generally speaking of course. They're are many men who are sensitive not only to their own feelings, but to those of others as well. There are kind men. The "GENTLE-men' who are so rare these days.

But as a whole, women tend to be more compassionate and intuitive. They feel their oneness with other people,  the animals, the environment. And so they are repelled at the idea of hurting them. For example many women cringe or cry when a big beautiful old tree is cut down--whereas most men are totally unaware of the true value or soul of the tree. They have no compunction about whipping out their chain saw and cutting it up into board feet and money, which they do value.

So in order to heal from cancer through the inner child we need to take time alone. We need to notice when sad or angry or fearful feelings come up --AND HONOR THEM! They are the voice of inner child--and our Over Soul as well--not to mention our bodies.

Those feelings are real--are reliable--are truthful-- and need to be honored.

Dor example, if you wake up in the morning some rainy Monday and have a feeling of not wanting to go to work--DON'T.  Take the day off--stay in bed. Do everything your inner child wants to do. She will not want to do any work--I guarantee you that. She will want to rest and play and make art and dance and dream about how she wants things to be. This is highly constructive--much more so than going to work.

AND THOSE DREAMS ARE EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.  And they are real. We can have our most cherished dreams. There is nothing in the way of having them other than our old misused intellect --who has forgotten who we are! WE are God at our center--and so there is nothing between us and the things we want other than the intellect's disbelief. He has tried to co-opt the role of our God Self and is now totally overwhelmed by the job.

So lets give him a rest and allow our inner child to point the way to our deliverance. And let's let our God Self deliver it. The only job of the intellect is to BELIEVE it  totally--believe that we can have-do-be anything we want--and what our inner child wants most--RIGHT NOW-- is where we need to start.

The fears of the intellect--that things will go horribly wrong if he does not control everything are groundless. Just allow him to rest too, and allow your God Self to deliver what you have been really really wanting by allowing your intellect to just relax, chill out, take a back seat and just observe. That is his best role right now. He is meant to much more later on. But right now he just needs to pull his energy back and allow the inner child to have center stage.