Here's the primary way adult humans give themselves cancer:

They get so focused on the physical level of their being they forget that there are three other levels to our being -- levels that are actually more important in terms of maintaining health.

The  four levels of our being are: Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical.

We are eternal beings who come into this life with certain spiritual goals in mind--things we want to learn. When we go out of alignment with our deepest desires for ourselves (things that we CAN have and that feel good) that creates a disturbance in our being. It is minor at first and only affects the spiritual level. But if we ignore it there, it descends to the mental level of our being where it shows up as a negative, limiting belief. If we continue to ignore it on that level, then it descends to the emotional level. There it shows up as chronic negative feelings--sadness, anger or fear. If we continue to ignore the problem there it descend into the physical level. It shows up at first as minor ailments, which as we continue to ignore the earlier signs become ever more serious in nature.

Cancer is often related to long held anger that has a feeling of powerlessness behind it--which turns it into resentment. This resentment literally eats away at us. The place in the body where it is eating us, is a major clue to the spiritual misalignment.

For example, a woman with BREAST cancer may have issues with NURTURING others. She may believe that it is better to give than to receive and so always give herself the fuzzy end of the lolly-pop. Always put herself last. If she changes that belief into one where she knows she has the right to put herself first, AND  she acts on that belief, then she is very likely to heal--and quickly.

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