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The Spiritual side of Cancer

The Spiritual Side of Cancer 

Chapter One: The Solution is Within the Problem

Finding The Solution To Cancer Through Art-Making

I see two spiritual sides to cancer: one is personal and the other is collective. Here is a one element concerning the personal side that worked for me in terms of healing from cancer and many other challenges..

First of all, knowing that I am an eternal being, I know that any darkness in my life contains within it the light. The solution to any problem is within the problem. That’s hard to describe in more words because words are so left brained and so inadequate to indicate truths. So at times, when I’m just using my left brain I can’t comprehend those words—“the solution is within the problem.”  However, when I am in my right brain—functioning from there, I am connecting with my Inner Being—my Higher Mind and Self. That part of me knows what that means—“the solution is within the problem”—and how to access and use it.

So to access a fuller understanding of those words as relates to cancer I can do things that will trigger a shift to the right hemisphere of the brain—thereby giving me better access to Higher Wisdom. One of the best ways, for me to do this is to make art. When I say this to others the frequent response is—“Oh I couldn’t do that. I can’t draw a straight line.” And if I say, “Everyone can make art,” I get dubious looks or even angry denial “No! I cannot!”

The problem here is that the person hearing those words—“You can make art,” associates art with pictures and sculptures in museums and galleries.  They might recall getting D’s in art in grammar school. Or they might even recall making art as a child, and having their art compared with other’s art. After that they learned to compare their own to others—and always to the diminution of their own art. Then they stopped trying. Very sad.

So there’s a lot of old false programming of beliefs around art-making to get over. But every child knows how to play with paint or clay (or found objects, stones, fabric etc.) and to like what they create—without looking at anyone else’s, or listening to a teacher (or inner critic) who tries to disparage or correct them.

So I highly recommend that people forget all they think they know about art, art-making and artists and just allow it to be playing with color and form. Get some paints and paper --card or cover stock is nice. And get some magic markers or a box of children’s water colors or poster paint, and just start playing with it. If you use paper with watercolor, you might like to tape it to the table or a clipboard with masking tape first. Or better yet—buy some good water color paper.  Then shut off the left brain critic and judge and just have at it. I suggest that people just do, just enjoy as a child does, and shut the critic out. Make a mess deliberately if you like—and then love it. Be proud of it. Do it again and again. Soon the process will shift you to the right brain and when done with your art, you can, from there, ask your Inner Being, your wise Self, why you have cancer and what the solution is. Apply the answer. Write down the answer in a journal; and go on making art day after day-- just for fun.

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June 25, 2018
I wrote the letter below to my grandchildren who are 18 and 21. It was to clarify some blunt advice I had given them about getting married--as in DON'T! My daughter and my 18 yr old grandchild were over for tea, to help me celebrate my 73rd birthday, yesterday and we discussed it.

Then this morning I awoke with the  knowing that marriage --as it exists in our current Western (now world wide) paradigm-- can be very cancer causing.

Most marriage vows and expectations of marriage  cause people to become emotionally dishonest, which distances them from their Divine Inner Being. And that is very dangerous--the most dangerous thing one can ever do. Our emotions come from our Inner Being who is the source of our life! So when we squelch them we pinch ourselves off not only from good communication with our Inner Being--the center of our existence--but also from the source of the energy that gives us life!

So as we adopt limiting beliefs--such as embedded in many marriage vows--we diminish our relationship with our Inner Being who is God and who is Truth. As the truth begins to dawn on the newly weds they begin to lie to themselves and each other. I recall that for the first two years of my own first marriage I told myself we were the happiest couple I knew. NOT! We were both very unhappy and were covering it up to ourselves, each other and the world. On the outside we looked like the perfect couple.

But emotional dishonesty or suppression leads to anger and resentment towards the partner. And if that blaming and lying to self continues long enough it can easily cause cancer. The antidote is to get honest with onesself--emotionally--and then with new self esteem make changes in your own life. Don't ask them to change. But know if you change, they will know deep inside that they must change too...or leave. And its okay if they leave, because there is nothing you got from them that you can't get better from your Inner Being. Not love, not money not companionship...nothing. And with your movement into alignment with what your Inner Being knows is Truth, your body will heal.

And if your religion or family bans separation or divorce--then it can go too. It will be replaced by an ever growing relationship with your Inner Being (God).

Below I discuss how and why I believe people very often squelch their honest emotions and pinch themselves off from their Inner Being...when they get married.

Dear  Grandchildren:

I have found myself feeling concerned  about what I recently said to you ...warning you to not get married. And I'd like to clarify my feelings about marriage and hopefully leave you feeling freer about it.

I believe that ALL relationships are perfect, including my own 2 marriages and your Mom's ...and everyone's.  So if you ever feel strongly that you want to marry , know that you have my blessing.

I know that relationships will bring you an opportunity to learn whatever your soul wants you to learn... about yourself. That's spiritual gold and can be taken with you on your eternal journey of expansion...through every lifetime. But one must know that the other is a mirror for you in order to get the gold.

I've heard many people , upon divorce, when asked what they they learned from it , say something like, "I learned to never marry another jerk like him (her, they)!" That's not helpful. The idea is to try and discover what you learned about yourself. And below I'll talk about a good way to that.

But, to continue-- by looking at my own  experience of  marriages,  and watching others' too,  I have noticed that many people make the same mistakes that lead to much unhappiness. However, these can always be  composted for new growth.

It seems to me that our culture holds up relational love as a high ideal. People strive to find if it were an objective state outside of self. They believe it's just a matter of finding the right person out there...when in fact it's an inner condition of just being good at loving. We are supposed to love ourself first, and the other second.

People considering marriage seem to not realize that they (along with their Inner Being, ) are after spiritual gold for themselves, spiritual expansion first and foremost. And the more they are able to experience that, the better they become at loving themselves and  others... and the more valuable they become to all...but most especially to themselves.

We are all One and hold a joint bank account into which our spiritual gold (learning more truth) goes for the use of all.

However,  being in an outer-directed era of human evolution, we think that certain outer conditions will make us finding Mr. or Ms Right. ( or fame or fortune). They won't. But an Inner Condition of alignment with our Inner Being will.

We can achieve that alignment  by allowing ourselves to feel and follow our deepest most honest emotions. They are messages from our Inner Being. That's inner-directedness. Using intuition helps and that's just about noticing what feels "off" and what feels "on."

But our culture puts heavy pressure on us to conform and be outer-directed like the majority are. They say we must pursue culturally approved ways of living and supposedly being happiest-- including looking for love "out-there" rather than within. They think that looking for happiness within  first conflicts with getting it from the outside. WRONG!

Looking for it within (and eventually finding the all-satisfying love we all deeply desire)  from Inner Being is the best insurance of having outer love find you! You will become a magnet for love.

However, in our outer-directed culture we have romanticized and exaggerated the value of outer love. When we meet someone and the feelings are powerful it is really just that they remind us of  our real Inner Being and its tremendous love for us, and ours for that Beautiful Being. But we project our own Inner Being outward onto the other...and so are powerfully drawn to them.

Unfortunately ,

So it appears to me that what  marriage usually does is demand a committment to NOT CHANGING   and to IGNORING OUR FEELINGS  if they conflict with our staying.

Freedom to explore and change and expand and grow are basic and crucial to human is emotional self- honesty and the spiritual gold it leads to.

But most times, when people make marriage vows they are trying to hold onto an outer form of marriage. They swear to only be intimate with that one other person forever...til death do us part. And they start to try and suppress honest feelings, of attraction to others, that might rock the boat...just so they can stay together forever.

Many begin to starve spiritually as they pinch themselves off from the true spiritual food they need (feeling honest emotions sent from Inner Being). Next they start to try and feed the hunger with physical food. Many put on extra weight after marriage.

They start to  ignore their feelings and to lie to themselves and their partner about what they are feeling or not feeling. This creates more distance and misalignment with their wise Inner Being--their True Love. Rumi calls his "The Beloved."  But then this emotional shutting down also creates distance with their partner!

So marriage has a false major premis --"This person will provide me with happiness forever." Whereas the true major premise, which most couples don't know, is that their partner came to them to be a mirror for the best and worst IN THEMSELVES. If you see something you like in your partner, know you are seeing something you like in yourself. And if you see something you don't like in your partner, go within and look for that pecadillo in yourself. Change it there...and then watch the outside change. The partner will either drop the pecadillo or...or leave! And that's okay.

So when the honey moon is over ( and the projection of the best in themselves onto other begins to be intermixed with seeing some of what they DON'T like about themselves) they are deeply disappointed. They feel angry, betrayed, let down etc. They blame the other for not being the perfect beloved  (that their own Inner Being actually is!)

Then more trouble ensues: they suppress the anger and resentment and blame because that emotional honesty would certainly sink the marriage boat ...they think.

Maybe it would and maybe it wouldn't But you'll be okay either way if you stay honest.

If the couple force themselves to stay in the external form of the marriage and try to bury the resentment it often leads to cancer (or other diseases) and death. They'd rather die than continue to try to live the soul-insulting lie. And they can't give themselves permission to be honest. Guilt and shame at their "failure" complicates things further.

I have seen this first hand in my Mind Body practice, and in my own life.

So that's why I warned you against marriage. Having said that, there do seem to be a few people who really did intend to spend a lifetime together...from before they were born.And they manage to find a way to be honest with each other...and stay true to themselves.

But , for most,  its all about control of others and outer circumstances and trying to wring happiness from them...and trying to make outer things provide what Inner Bring is meant to deliver.

So now even if you ignore or forget all of this above, I know that you and your Inner Being have it all under control. You'll get what you came for, no matter what your choices are.

But just know that physical or emotional pain usually means you are out of alignment with your Inner Being and they are softly inviting you towards understanding and  beliefs and actions that will feel better to you.

I hope this is useful to you and that my attempt at clarification has been successful.

Love Gramma

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2018! Another Self-Healing-from-Cancer-Sucess-Story...with Caveat


"No one can save another." The Kin of Ata are Waiting For You
"But after that time Augustine refused to do any healing. It was quite definitely 'donagdeo' [off, or out of alignment] she insisted." The Kin of Ata are Waiting for You

Update June 2018
I have been very busy working on my own spiritual growth and on my novel "SJ" for the past couple of years. The book is almost done and hopefully will be an entertaining way for people to learn more about cancer self healing skills. It is a novel based on Steve Jobs' life.

I haven't been taking many clients recently but did take one woman with breast cancer last fall and she is cancer-free now.

Unfortunately, soon after our 2 hour meeting, in which she did uncover the root mental/emotional cause of the cancer, but didn't yet fully realize or understand what she had done, she contacted a psychic healer and had a telephone treatment. It, apparently, was very dramatic and soon after that that she discovered that she was cancer free...and gave the credit to the psychic healer instead of to herself!

This is very sad when this happens. I know that most psychic healers are very well-intentioned. But it is still "donagdeo" or "off."

I used to do psychic healing. And it is very possible to send powerful thoughts of love, health and healing to a person and have them become symptom free. I did it many times and I thought I was doing a good thing. But eventually I realized that I was not giving them fact I was stealing something extremely very valuable from them...their inner PROCESS!

I was taking away (distracting them from) their god-given ability to know they could heal themselves. I was taking away their power and responsibility (they go together). If a "healer" of any stripe, takes away a person's responsibility, power and process of self-healing, they are also taking away the person's ability to repeat the process for themselves with any other illness or injury they might get in future.

Back then I was treating the illness as if it were an enemy and had no value. I was treating the illness as if it was just something to be gotten rid of...not learned from. But what I eventually came to understand is that the illness is truly a gift...a ally. It is meant to be a messenger with the news that somewhere one has picked up a rotten belief that is making one sick. And when one has discovered the true helpful belief then one has not only healed but has added spiritual gold to take with them on their eternal journey.

The rotten belief can be assumed to be one of long-standing if it gets to the stage of producing a life-threatening illness. Probably at least a few years if not most of the life time, the belief has been nurtured and has spread to other healthy parts of the individual's belief system and poisoned and compromised them as well. E.g., "my husband makes me unhappy" can lead to a series of generalizations such as, "other people have control over my life," and "I am powerless," and "Life sucks." "I wish I were dead..." etc.

In this particular case of the woman with breast cancer whom I talked with last fall, I noticed that she had a great deal to say about her husband, much of it expressing negative feelings. However, eventually, after I had repeated back to her her own words, she said "I don't think you like my husband!" I said "I don't know your husband. I am just repeating back to you what you have told me about him and how you feel about him." She was projecting onto me her own feelings that were difficult for her to face. They were unacceptable to her and so she projected them onto me. She was trying to get rid of them, but I refused to accept them as having their source in me. After more discussion though she did face them to a degree--enough to heal herself of cancer. She faced her feelings of anger and resentment and began to better understand her personal power in dealing with him. Recently, I heard from a mutual friend that she had changed her relationship with her husband significantly after our talk. That was what healed her.

However, like most people in our culture she wanted to believe in outside authorities. We want to believe that someone out there knows more about us than we do.  However, we truly  are the experts on ourselves. The other day a friend of mine, who knows this, related an exchange with her doctor that left us both limp with laughter. When she resisted some part of his treatment he said to her, "Who knows more  about you and your or me?" She said "ME!" and walked out. I applauded.

According to Dr. Christiane Northrup  students are literally taught in med school to think of themselves as medical deities. They are taught to be BIG authority figures. Hence when they give a designer diagnosis, or say "its incurable", or "there's a very low chance of survival," they are doing "medical hexing"--a phrase Dr. Northrup contrived for the powerful negative suggestions many doctors give their patients rather than just saying with humility "I don't know." Or "Allopathic medicine doesn't know."

But psychic healers, who are just as well intentioned as most MD's are, are doing a similar thing. They are making powerful positive, authoritative, pronouncements about themselves and their power to heal you. They believe strongly in themselves and the goodness of their goals and methods. They believe strongly in health. And they see the results--people usually heal, but often temporarily , or they contract another disease. Doctors' treatments often end the same way...unless the patient has made some significant change towards the positive  in their emotional/mental life.

As I mentioned above, I know much about this because I used to be there. I recall the shock I got when someone once challenged me and my psychic healing skills by saying it was a bad thing that I was doing. She was pretty judgmental, but it  started me on a line  of thinking that led me eventually to the Vesica Pisces Method of  Self -Healing. The Vesica Piscis is an ancient symbol that tells us "All is within...." including the power to heal ourselves

Everyone can heal themselves of anything. Its a God-Given Power. But sometimes it's nice to have a guide who can help you get in touch with your Inner Being so that that part of YOU can take over your guidance and healing for you. We are meant to work on our health together with our Inner Being in their loving, patient, allowing way. We always end up happier and more empowered when we do this...not to mention physically healed.

I know that eventually my recent client, who now thinks the psychic healer fixed her, will come to know her Inner Being...her Self.... and will discover the true source of every healing she ever encountered in her body... herself/Self.

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13. AN OPEN LETTER TO "The International Cancer Conference"

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


 The thing is that we are all in the grips of a pan-cultural limiting belief--including doctors. And since doctors are given a very left brained , intellectually, rationally oriented education, the part of them that could have led them and medical science to our true healing powers has, basically, been educated out of them. So they cast about within the narrow confines of the intellect or ego-mind...for an answer that is not in that arena at all!

Lester Levenson, originator of The Sedona Method found this out for himself. He was a brilliant man with several graduate degrees. But had become extremely unhappy and ill. The doctors gave him 2 weeks to live. Facing that he began to explore beyond his intellectual/rational mind and by 3 months later he had found all of the answers within--which is where I found them as well. He healed fully--not only his body, but his relationships and his understanding of money. He had "worked hard and amassed a fortune" but then discovered the money hadn't been coming from his hard work or genius, but from his expectation. He simplified his expectation of how money could come to him and became so wealthy he could give it all away--now knowing how he could manifest whatever he desired, very quickly. He went on to live another 40 years--in excellent health and happiness.

Unfortunately most people who are sick or who are caring for a loved one who is sick are functioning within the same limitations Lester faced at first--a belief that healing must come from some outside source. It is nobody's fault that they do not understand the enormous power within  themselves. It's been educated out of them. (We all had it as babies). 

It is just that we are only beginning to emerge from "The Dark Ages," of healing. Our spiritual evolution is calling us to move into the light, but it can only invite. God only invites. God does not tell us what to do. God has given us the great gift of the freedom to use our consciousness however we wish. And basically we are constantly faced with a choice of using our small mind or our large mind from the moment we awaken in the morning til we fall asleep at night. Unfortunately--or, since everything is actually perfect, fortunately--we are operating in the dark. The answer is there, but we must literally FEEL  around for it.

I was listening to an audio book last evening called Heaven is Real by Todd Burpo. And I saw this problem strung out among all of the incidents which are recorded in the book. The problem is that we are taught to THINK  rather than to FEEL.

In the true story, the Rev. Burpo, his wife and two children have been having a very bad time of it, but seemingly having come to the end of a long string of Job-like challenges, they take a road trip to celebrate. By the way, those Job-like challenges could have led the family to pre-knowledge that worse was coming if they did not attend to the messages they were getting and do something about it.

Specifically the father had broken his leg and then had gotten breast cancer. Had he been educated to keep his right brain/female mind --the mind he was born with--functioning he could have seen that the broken leg was a message likely about not standing up for himself. And later the breast cancer could have suggested that he was nurturing others more than his inner child was happy with. Pastors are supposed to be selfless in our silly society. No one is. We are all meant to put ourselves first in an enlightened-loving way. But I suspect he did not know that. And his ignoring it was scaring the heck out of his inner child. When we don't stand up for ourselves and put our own needs first it leaves a deep, child like part of ourselves feeling very insecure.

So then in that family gestalt, the youngest child, Colton agreed on some higher level, to be the one who expressed the problem for the family in the next round of messages. He got appendicitis--which is a physical representation of  extreme fear. He was showing his Dad that man's fears, on his own child level. By the way, we do not out-grow childish ways--and are not meant to. Childhood is not left behind. It remains as our foundation and as such needs constant vigilant attention. "Do I feel happy in my child-self?" we need to ask ourselves frequently. But they did know about this.

So, they encountered yet another staggering challenge in the form of the near-death of their 4 year old child Colton. He develops appendicitis but the doctors and medical technicians consistently misdiagnose the child's problem and he becomes inexorably worse until he is on the brink of dying. The symbolism of the "trusted doctors" being untrustworthy,  I interpret as a symbol of both the father's and the doctors' (and likely the wife's too) over reliance on the rational/intellectual mind. Our whole culture does this, but many are moving beyond this--as we are all meant and all will eventually. The intellect is NOT reliable by itself. It overestimates its own intelligence and it eschews the far greater intelligence of the intuitive, super-rational mind. They are meant to work together with the intuitive mind leading the way.

So Colton's parents have been extremely compliant with the doctors, technicians and hospital staff--trusting that they all know more than themselves. BIG MISTAKE.

The Vesica Piscis symbol tells us --ALL IS WITHIN. Their authority lay within themselves--most especially within the child himself.

At the very beginning they told the doctor, and continued to mention, that they believed it was appendicitis. However, the doctors  all insisted that their tests were reliable and that they did not point to appendicitis. So they did not treat him for that...and he got sicker.

The docotors' rational minds were saying "it's not appendicitis" and the parents' intuitive minds were telling them " it IS appendicitis." And the latter were correct. The problem was that for 2 weeks they vetoed the information they were receiving from the right brain/intuitive mind and allowed the intellect/left brain remain dominant--both in themselves and in the doctors.

So it could have ended tragically. Colton's father, as a pastor, had seen many people die. He saw death in the face of his extremely emaciated, hollow-eyed, limp child, who had not eaten for 2 weeks and who had been throwing up constantly.

When he allowed that in fully he finally broke emotionally. He raged at God and with that emotional movement his God-Self was able to reach his soul-personality self and kick him into action.
He removed his son from that hospital, took him to another, where he was immediately diagnosed correctly and operated on. He did recover fully.


Intuition is correct 100% of the time, but being able to tell the difference between an intuitive thought and an intellectual "good idea" is a subtle art. It can and will be learned. But it is a process, albeit an inevitable one for all who wish to "go home."

As the human race grows it can choose to descend into yet more darkness. God will allow more suffering if people choose that. But truly the way to end suffering is to turn inward. Meditate on the Vesica Piscis symbol and it will help you to do this.

We need to stop projecting power and responsibility out onto others--especially doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies. We have the power to keep healthy and to never need any of the above. I do--at this point however--believe that if we have created things like ruptured appendices, or heart failure, or severe wounds that we should avail ourselves of the emergency measures that allopathic medicine offers.

But in conjunction with that, in order to bring about healing as quickly as possible we should be turning within and asking ourselves, "how did I create this reality? What is the message behind this? What misalignment have I created  between  my intellectual beliefs and what is really true?" The Great Mother is Truth --both emotional and factual--and as extensions of her we want to telling ourselves and others the Truth as often as we can. 

Emotional truth is the most important Truth. For our emotions are messages from our God-Center within. If we are experiencing negative emotions around something, we would be wise to move away from whatever we are feeling negative about. If we are feeling positive emotions about something, we are safest to move toward it.

These emotions are often in conflict with seeming "rational truth" and "practicality" or so-called fact, and "what is seemingly real." Reality is only a thought form we have built up by focusing on something alone or together with others. All negative events and things are thought forms we have miscreated by being out of alignment with Truth. So to focus on them and fight them is only to add energy to that false thought form. It is not real. WE change our reality  by following our positive emotions and staying focused on the good things we want. We create feelings and vibrations first  that later become events and things.

And I am not talking about pasting "happy faces" on everything. We must tell ourselves the Truth. If we are feeling badly, we must allow those feelings. We must face and feel them. And when we do, then an inner psycho-spiritual movement is set up.  We automatically begin to move in the direction of healing and all that is happier. We can consciously assist that process by using our will power to avoid thinking the same old negative beliefs, and by asserting our will power to find some belief or observation that feels even slightly better. These are just choices and choices are powerful. We are here to make choices.

Slowly we can work our way out of negative thought patterns to the wholly positive ones that are Truth.

So God does not want us to suffer. When we find ourselves suffering--even a little--we can know that we have gone off the rails somewhere; that we are now out of alignment with The Divine at the center of our being--that lovely place with the beautifully feminine feel to it. (By the way--most cultures refer to the soul as "she").

As mentioned above, in the book Heaven is Real, the author, Rev. Todd Burpo relates that eventually both he and his wife reached emotional breaking points. After weeks of  struggling to trust the doctors and of stuffing their doubts and anger about the fact that Colton was only getting worse and was now close to death, they both cracked--she in tears, he in rage. Both are good.

And with that cracking--that allowing of emotional authenticity --they suddenly were able to move forward and to make a decision to remove Colton from the hospital where he had not been helped and to move him to another where he was quickly diagnosed as having a ruptured appendix. He was operated on and eventually all the toxins were removed from his body and he is now a normal 15 year old (in 2014).

Again, as I mentioned earlier, the family, in my estimation, was getting many strong messages prior to Colton's nearly dying, that indicated they were out of alignment with emotional and spiritual Truth. Religion is hard on ministers and priests. They are expected to be Christ-like or God-like without having gone through everything He went through to get there organically. They attempt to put on a superficial imitation of Him and when they cannot (because they have not gone through all of the steps) they end up often times being quite inauthentic. They stuff natural feelings, or hide them. They avoid the actions that would have flowed naturally from those judged and rejected feelings, and in doing so sometimes end up doing great harm to themselves and others.

We are not perfect. But we are perfectly imperfect. The Great Mother wants desperately for us to feel Her unconditional love for us--and to have it for ourselves--no matter what we have done "wrong." At the same time She offers constant guidance away from hurtful beliefs and actions and towards positive ones. But she does not judge us.

Many pastors are quite judgmental, overtly towards themselves and sometimes covertly towards others--especially their own family. Oftentimes there is a son who acts out all that the pastor-father is repressing. Colton's sister says of him, "He may have died and gone to heaven, but he's no angel." The father is repressing his feelings and the actions they would lead to naturally because he judges them to be bad or wrong or un-Christian. And so the son acts it out for him. The father judges his misbehavior or fails to understand its origin and so tries to fix the son. But the only fix is within himself. Healing comes from unconditional acceptance of all thoughts and beliefs--no matter how "sinful" some might think them. It comes from a slow working away to the foundations of those thoughts, beliefs and feelings until one finds the gem of Truth--a positive thing that The Great Mother wants you to have! 

Many religions have great laundry lists of "sins," most of which are false. 

There is only one sin, in Truth, that I have discovered so far. It is that:

Violence against the self or others, while God allows it, is at the same time  strongly discouraged. And one of the most violent things one can do to oneself or others is to not allow their emotional honesty. For it cuts them off from God. 

So somehow the family--in all their well-meaning efforts--were out of touch with what God really wanted for them--and so they suffered for their rejection and resistance by creating broken legs, breast cancer, gall stones etc. all in the year prior to Colton's near death experience. And with that experience I think they must have had some deep inner shifts in their beliefs, for things got better.

 Todd began working on the book. They perhaps deepened their trust in God to take care of them. And Colton had his precious experience of heaven as well as a first hand understanding that he has an eternal soul that is separate from the body and which does survive death. We all do. I am sure there were others. Breast cancer suggests nurturing others before the self and harboring hidden resentments about it. Broken legs suggest not moving in a new direction one is being called to or not standing up for one's self. Gall stones suggests that one might be living in a galling situation that one is trying to accept, but without allowing for the certainty that improvement is possible and desirable.

In the book, Todd Burpo relates  his son's NDE's including his consciousness leaving his body and going to heaven where he received much comfort and assistance. He also tells about how Colton was able to move around the hospital in his out-of-body-state and to make observations that were later verified.

This brings me back again to the most important thing to know, and the reason why the Vesica Piscis Method works. We are all pure consciousness--now and always. We put on physical bodies for the major purpose of giving ourselves conscious feed back about the condition of our consciousness...of our the mental/emotional state of our soul personality selves (SPS).

If our SPS is a little out of alignment with our God Center Self (GCS) then we get a hang nail or a stubbed toe or something else minor. If we are a lot out of alignment we get very sick. Or we have a bad "accident."

So, it is never enough to just heal the cancer with this method. One must continue to use the basic method to heal oneself of everything that arises--including minor things. Learn to nip things in the bud.  Because negative or limiting beliefs are formed by repeatedly thinking an out-of-alignment-thought. There will always be some negative sign when we first start to go off the rails. But I will expand on that in another post.

A wise friend of mine noticed that she was often stumbling  as she walked down the sidewalks of her city. She began to pay attention to what thoughts she had been thinking just before her misstep and realized that she was always  thinking some critical thought about someone just before it. When she started to make an effort to consciously allow her feelings about the person... and  to take them as a reflection of how she was feeling about herself, and then to allow more positive feelings about herself and others...she stopped stumbling so often.

We are here to expand. Expansion is always positive. It always feels good. When we diminish ourselves by espousing limiting or negative beliefs we literally shrink, spiritually.

So, most doctors do the best they can within the limitations of their understanding. Unfortunately medical schools not only teach a purely superficial, physical, intellectual approach to healing (one that never works) [but more on that later] and they also oftentimes teach their students a great arrogance and authority along with their science. They teach very little about respect for their clients; and nothing about eliciting their clients' own knowledge of their bodies and their powers of self-healing power.  

But we are not victims. We are just here to learn to not revere the outside--outside authorities or so-called " reality." We are here to learn to stop projecting our own power, responsibility, beauty, wisdom, knowledge and authority out onto others. We are here to learn to turn inward and trust our own innate knowingness.

 We create our own reality. We build it up like a house,  brick by brick  and then it is suddenly done and we move in. We live in it. But if it is not a happy home we can repair it, or tear it down, or  just move altogether. A home that has cancer in it can be remodeled. Keep the best, the positive, and eschew the rest. Allowing all feelings is positive.

Keep working on your home by creating beautiful comfortable renovations and additions (new positive beliefs) that feel God-Centered. As we do this we get healthier and healthier in every way.

Monday, February 24, 2014


I recently moved to a small town in Maine and at the center of the village one can find a post office, a fire station and a country store. I was alone in the tiny dining room of the latter, having breakfast the other day, when an older couple came in and sat down. This being a friendly community we soon were chatting away. They asked what I did  and I replied I was a semi retired Mind/Body Counselor, who had specialized in cancer, but was now writing a book about it. They asked more about that and I told them it was called "SJ" and it was a novel based on Steve Jobs' life--a fantasy in which I met him and helped him to heal himself of cancer.

I noticed that their friendliness was chilling a bit and soon the woman shared that she had had cancer 40 years before and had looked into all types of cures. Then her mind took a leap and assumed that I was talking about Faith-Based Healing, which she stated she detested because it "blamed the victim" as she put it.

The husband then added that he was furious with the parents who had taken their daughter out of a hospital because they believed God would heal her--and she died. He got up and left at that point. The woman changed the subject and I did not try to pursue the subject further as I could see their minds were made up and there was no purchase there for new information.

This accusation though--that the method I offer blames the victim--is one I have heard many times before--from perhaps 1/3 of the people I discuss it with. The other point people often bring up is that children get cancer--even babies-- and so this method cannot possibly be based in truth. But there are very good answers to both of those objections--if people will listen.

I will address the "blame the victim" issue in this post and "why children get cancer" in another.

With "blame the victim" there are various hidden suppositions and false premises lurking. There is also the ego mind doing a few of its favorite tricks--namely judging, fearing truth and change, and being pessimistic.

The major hidden false premise is that "someone must be at fault when something goes wrong." This is typical of our left brain, rational mindset. I call it a masculine mind set also. It prevails at this point in our human evolution, but it did not in the early days of our evolution and it will not in a future evolution of our consciousness. There is another mindset which is more feminine, one that does not need to place blame. If you do not believe me about the masculine feminine slant to this mindset then I would invite you to think of the last time something went wrong when a man was involved. Most men seem to immediately go to feeling responsible for it, then to guilt, then to shame and then to placing blame elsewhere. Their ego cannot tolerate being thought badly of--or of having made a mistake.

Women who are not too deeply steeped in the patriarchal mindset do something different when things go wrong. They try to create community in order to find a solution. This community might be an external social one or an internal spiritual one.

What my spiritual understanding has led me to is that when something goes wrong, there is no one to blame, but everyone involved is responsible for it to one degree or another and there is no use in trying to figure out who is most responsible. In fact it could easily be said that everyone involved is 100 percent responsible.

So here is where people really get uncomfortable and start to scream "you're blaming the victim!" But that is really a very pessimistic and negative point of view. It is calling the glass of water half empty rather than half full.

What we are really talking about here is power and responsibility. They are flip sides of the same coin. And when you give one away you give the other away as well. It is best to keep the whole coin in your own pocket. In truth that is where it belongs and it cannot be given away anyways.

What I am saying is that we all have the power to heal ourselves, by using our minds properly. In fact Dr. Albert Schweitzer said, and I fully agree, that "all healing is self healing." He meant that no one anywhere on the planet at any time in history was ever healed by somebody else--no matter how many people believe that doctors and medicine and their various machines and chemicals and whatever healed them. No Reike, no faith healer, no herbs, no Christ, no diet, no form of outer healing whatsoever ever healed anyone. It was always, without exception, the person themselves that healed themselves. They might believe someone or something else healed them, but invariably the person underwent some change within their consciousness in which they aligned themselves more closely with their Divine center and Ultimate Spiritual Truth--and it was THAT that healed them. Nothing else.

So when I ascribe full healing power to you, if you are an optimistic and positively inclined in your thinking, you will respond, "Wow! I have the power to heal myself! Cool!" But if you are pessimistic and negatively inclined you will respond, "You are blaming me, the helpless, powerless victim, for my own suffering!" And you will reject the awareness of your own innate power to heal yourself.

Your having cancer is not a bad thing. It is a gift, a teacher, an ally you have called to yourself in order to come back into alignment with who you really are--a Divine, Sacred eternal being who chose to live a human life in a human body that will give you constant feedback as to your alignment, or lack thereof, with Truth. Your emotions will too. Ill health and negative emotions mean you are out of alignment. Good health and positive emotions mean you are in alignment. However, beware of pasting happy faces on over genuinely unhappy feelings. You must first feel the uncomfortable feelings honestly, then change the negative beliefs behind them, act on the new positive beliefs, and feel the new genuinely happier feelings that arise from that.

We live in very outer directed times. That is the nature of the left brain, rational, male mind at this point in history. It is the mindset of choice of most adults in the world today. Be aware though that the rational mind can be directed to look inward, and would do well to do so. But ultimately there is a right brain mind that is vastly larger and more powerful, a mind that we can engage that will do all the hard work the rational mind thought it had to do--and do it much more easily, efficiently and quickly.

And the good news is that we all have one of these and it costs nothing to engage it and use it in our self-healing. In fact the Universe is so wise that it is making all other form of so-called "healing"--or "false healing modalities" more and more painful, costly and esoteric, as well as less and less effective. And the insurance to pay for them is also becoming more costly and less available. This is no happenstance, nor is it bad news.

A friend of mine wrote today that when adversity strikes, she no longer asks, "Why is this happening TO me?" But rather, "Why is this happening FOR me?" She looks for opportunities. And the opportunity that is being offered by cancer, by rising costs of conventional treatments, by the physical pain of these, by ineffectiveness,  by the invasiveness,  by immune system compromising chemical and radiational treatments-- is this: YOU HAVE BECAUSE OF ALL THE ABOVE THINGS YOU DON;T LIKE, THE OPPORTUNITY TO FIND SOMETHING VASTLY BETTER. YOU HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO UNDERSTAND THAT THE CURE FOR CANCER IS HERE NOW. IT LIES WITHIN YOU--WITHIN YOUR MIND. YOU HAVE THE POWER TO HEAL YOURSELF NOW. IN FACT YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN HEAL YOU. NO ONE ELSE CAN DO IT TO YOU OR FOR YOU. AND THAT IS GOOD NEWS. YOU ARE WEARING THE RED SHOES. NOW JUST CLICK YOUR HEELS.

Here is how to click. Accept the coin of power and responsibility, which you can spend on making yourself well. Here are the basic steps again:

  1. Ask yourself what is bothering you most in your life. 
  2. Be brave and face the truth around this, even if the position seems untenable. (Eg. my husband no longer loves me and that feels unbearable to look at.)
  3. Assume that, since it feels bad, that you have a misconception (false belief) around it. (Eg. I am unlovable, or I can't live without him. This is horrible!)
  4. Imagine that the converse of that misconception or untrue belief is the actual truth.(Eg. I am lovable and I can thrive without him. This is a great opportunity!)
  5. Notice how good it feels to believe this positive thing.
  6. Embrace the positive Truth and apply it in your life.
  7. Enjoy your spontaneous healing from cancer.
So if you have cancer I invite you to try applying this formula. Keep facing down more and more uncomfortable truths and looking for the empowerment and spiritual expansion that is the opportunity within each seeming crisis.