Dr. Tien-Sheng Hsu

I just recently learned of a renowned Chinese psychiatrist who is using psycho-spiritual methods to cure cancer. His work--like mine--is based in part on the information we gathered from the Seth books, as channeled by Jane Roberts. I believe our major premises are the same--but I need to do more research into his methods.

Feel free to check out his website through the following link To view his list of exercises for healing cancer. I have a few suggestions to add to his exercises.
  • When you go back to feel old negative feelings, as he suggests, and you are done feeling fully the old negative emotions, "release on them." Just let them go. 
  • Then replace the old painful situation with a new positive one in your imagination. Make it a better situation that your heart most desires, but that still respects other's freedom. See it working out well for all involved. 
  • Then let that go as well, knowing that you have absolutely changed the past, and the present as well. 
  • Go into your future and see yourself as completely healed. While fully being in that future healthy self send a line of light back to the present you and imagine the future you steadily and inexorably drawing you towards her happy future.
  • When you work on forgiving yourself and others, know for a fact that you all created the situation together, equally. Even children are equally responsible for creating painful situations. Then allow that you all created the painful situation together out of ignorance and that you, now knowing better will act differently in future similar situation. Do this whether you feel you  were a recipient of another's abuse or neglect,  or the "perpetrator" of abuse or neglect towards another.
I highly recommend the Seth Books as well, but it may be a bit difficult to glean the cancer cure from the great mass of information he shares about everything. But you can trust that I have boiled it down to its essence in this website.

Again--please leave comments about this website or about your own self-healing stories. Or how you have used you mind in your own efforts to heal from Cancer--or anything else.

Health, Peace and Blessings,