This is a letter to the editor of some Maine newspapers:

Re: The Proposed Health Care Cuts
I am  Maine Care eligible--but rarely use the program -- because I have found a better alternative--Mind/Body Medicine. It has worked much better for me, over the past 40 years, than has conventional medical treatments. 

So I am NOT opposing the proposed cuts in the DHHS budget for health care, because I think this is an opportunity for more Mainers to discover Mind/Body Medicine as well. It is the wave of the future. It costs little or nothing and it is pain-free.   

The evidence for the effectiveness of the new Mind Body Healing can be seen by a simple internet search in such relatively new fields of medicine as: Psycho-Oncology, Psychoneuroimmunology and the many Mind/Body clinics and practitioners who have proliferated in the past 40 years. Many are attached to important teaching hospitals--such as Mass. General, Harvard Medical School, Georgetown University, the University of Maryland and many more. It has become the status quo in Medical Schools to teach the health care professionals how to awaken the power of the patient's own mind in their healing process.

I have  been a health care professional too for the past 35 years --now semi retired. I worked in the Mind/Body Counseling field.  In my 35 year career I have discovered that-- we have the power to heal ourselves of literally any illness--just with our minds. We do not need many of the extremely expensive, painful, side-effect-laden  and dubiously effective health care regimens that are considered necessary today. 

I started 40 years ago with trying the basic concept on some simple ailments and worked my way up to more and more serious ones. I would occasionally get discouraged when it seemed to be taking too long, and would go back to the doctor--and once again find no relief in those old treatment methods. So I would try my evolving Mind/Body approach again, and sure enough, with a little more delving, I would come upon the psycho-spiritual cause of my illness and I would heal--often times miraculously. I healed myself of breast cancer, chronic back pain and numerous smaller issues.

In my study of the Mind/Body Relationship, I found confirmation in the latest discoveries of Quantum Physics . To wit: physics tells us that there are only two basic building blocks to the Universe--Consciousness and Energy. That’s it. Everything is made from those two things.  Consciousness acting upon energy produces matter and events. "Matter” includes the human body. We are constantly constructing our own body--including its health or wellness--from our consciousness.

Deeper research has shown that positive beliefs produce good health and negative beliefs produce ill-health. But what one considers positive or negative is important. Some people believe that "It is better to give than to receive." But when this is done to an extreme it can easily produce breast cancer. Holding a belief that leads one to nourish others without first fully nourishing one's self is a negative belief. 

Some of these beliefs are in the so-called “subconscious mind” --which is actually perfectly accessible to the conscious mind. Sub conscious beliefs affect health --perhaps more than conscious ones, because they are oftentimes laden with much negative emotion. Emotions add energy. Stuffed and denied, negative emotions produce illness. Freely feeling the emotions; uncovering the beliefs behind the emotions; and changing them  to more positive ones (more appropriate ones) is enough to heal someone of the most dire illness. Of course the new belief needs to be acted upon as well.

But there is room for gentle transition from a full belief conventional medical treatments to a full belief in the power of one's own mind to heal you. It is possible to mix and match as one goes along. But ultimately what always heals us is a change in belief, a subsequent natural change in the emotions flowing from a new belief, and a subsequent change in actions based on the new beliefs and new emotions.  

So what we need, as a society,  is to eventually discover that each and every one of us has the full power to heal ourselves--by using our minds in a particular way. But to allow enjoyment of the ride as we transition. 

One method for self-healing is The Vesica Piscis Method (http://vesicapiscis.info) I have a website that explains its use in terms of healing from cancer--but the very same method can be used to heal from any illness, or injury.

I have used taught this method to my clients for 35 years. I have taught it to my family and others. It costs nothing. It is simple in concept. There are no negative side effects. And it is totally health enhancing and life enhancing.  When it is understood and used properly, self-healing occurs very rapidly, painlessly and completely naturally. I have even used it with late stage cancer patients--and have watched full health return--permanently.

Dr. Albert Schwietzer said  “All healing is self-healing.” As a physician he understood the limitations of physical level treatments--and he understood that the primary level on which healing had to happen first--was on the psychological and spiritual levels. That is where the root of every physical health problem lies.

Schwietzer knew that every seemingly effective treatment--a successful healing-- ever done by any means, whether allopathic, homeopathic, herbal, Reiche...any kind at all,  was actually  always caused by a positive shift on the psychological and spiritual levels of the patient himself/herself. Put simply, the person discarded an old negative and limiting belief  and replaced it with a new more positive, more expanding belief. All the work  was done within the person’s own mind and heart. It was done by consciousness shaping  energy into something that aligned properly with the positive and loving nature of the Universe.

Physical level treatments done gently -- such as healthy diet, exercise, massage and  vitamins can be helpful too, in terms of supporting the body as the mind heals it. But the major work is always done on the psychological and spiritual levels.

For mid-level help towards taking more control of one's health, there is, among many others, the highly reputable and well-respected mind-body clinic in Washington DC called “The Center for Mind-Body Medicine,” (http://www.cmbm.org/ ). It is doing very good work and combines well with The Vesica Piscis Method.

The Dartmouth-Hitchcock Clinics of New England also teach the Mind Body connection to their doctors in residence. They have an interesting page about it on their website --http://www.dartmouth-hitchcock.org/. Type “mind/body” into their internal search engine to find it.

But there is so much more to be learned about Mind/Body healing, by everyone. However,  it is definitely the way of the future of medicine. 

So I am feeling much compassion for the sixty-five thousand Mainers who are about to be cut from the Maine the health care system. To each one of them I would say: do not be afraid. There is help and it lies within you. And with a little guidance from those who have already discovered the magic of the mind/body connection, you too can achieve better health than you have ever had before in your life.