There are basically three reasons why children get cancer. These will not be found in any information from conventional pediatric oncology.

  1. The cancer is based on spiritual issues brought in from a past life.
  2. They have picked up cancer-producing issues that belong more to their parents.
  3. They chose, before they were born to have this illness and to perhaps die, in order to bring about the possibility for spiritual growth in those around them. This is a form of martyrdom.

NUMBER 1: Past Life Issues

We are all eternal spirits. We have lived many past lives and although we understand the big picture in between lives, when we reincarnate we usually forget that big picture. The Soul Personality Self carries with it the powers it has gained from having resolved spiritual issues it faced in past lives, but it also carries with those that are yet unresolved.

We don't need to resolve all our issues in one life. We usually choose one major one to work on. Then we project our consciousness into the foetus which is waiting for us, are born, and begin to forget who we really are--God! As Wordsworth put it, we come in trailing clouds of glory. But as many OB/GYN nurses report, you can see the futures of the babies in their faces and their demeanor--as soon as they are born. A sensitive person can read the intentions of that soul in a general kind of way. 

So a child comes into this life and as s/he grows s/he forgets more and more that s/he is God--and will be so all of her life whether she remembers this fact or not. YOU are god! S/he also might begin to deal with karmic issues very early--issues that The Law of Attraction is bringing to her--issues that are unresolved from past lives.  

NUMBER 2: Parental Influence

 S/he is also picking up more and more of the beliefs of the people around her/him; for every child is very psychic and reads the minds and true feelings of those around her--despite any lies the adults are telling--and adults DO often lie to children about what they are actually feeling. This is extremely confusing to the child and makes them feel very insecure! It should be avoided at all costs. So the child does not know what to make of this conflict between what she knows the adult is feeling and the lie the adult is telling her. God is Truth, and the child is very close to her God-Self. S/he expects her parents to be like God. But they aren't. So s/he simply absorbs the lies and struggles to make sense of them in terms of the God's Truth that lies within her. It is very confusing for every child. This kind of conflict begins to cause mental, emotional and physical problems (illness or accidents). 

So the child is extremely receptive and picks up, from the adults around her/him the negative beliefs and the emotions that precipitate from them. First you have a belief and that belief, if it is in alignment with Ultimate Spiritual Truth (UST) feels good to you. If the new belief is out of alignment with UST it makes you feel bad.

Negative beliefs and the negative emotions they engender, whether born of deductions the child herself has made, or whether they are absorbed wholly from the family and others close to them, will begin to impact the body in a negative way--just as they are in the others. However, the child being more receptive may display the symptoms sooner than an adult will. In any case negative beliefs and their precipitate emotions constrict the flow of energy through the body. And then in that weakened state, the negative belief beings to manifest as a physical thing--a tumor or distorted cells. 

Science has already proven that thoughts are transmuted within the hypothalamus of the brain into physical form--chemicals that act as messengers that tell the cells of the body what to do: eg create health OR create a tumor, or odd blood cells, or whatever. I would ad that thoughts that are in alignment with UST produce health and those that are not produce illness eventually.

However, the adults around a child with cancer can bring that child back to health by looking within themselves for the chronic--oftentimes hard to see--emotions that feel bad to them: eg anger, resentment, jealousy, hatred, fear, sadness, guilt etc. The ego mind oftentimes does not like to face emotions and so it avoids them. But that does not make them go away. The ego mind also often wrongly believes that they must cling to their mental miscontructions. They connect up together various beliefs in a way that form a gestalt--not unlike the web-like structure of many cancers. 

For example, a woman may be angry at her husband who is cruel to her. But she has a belief that says that showing anger is dangerous. So she suppresses it and transmutes it into sadness or pitifulness and feelings of powerlessness. Denied natural anger always leads to a feeling of powerlessness. This sense of powerlessness might lead to a belief that she needs her husband, who appears strong, even while being cruel. So if she rids herself of her husband she will lose strength she believes she needs. She has all the strength she needs within herself, but she doesn't believe this yet. So the two limiting beliefs--anger is dangerous--and I need my husband around in order to experience strength in my life-- have combined into a gestalt and they weill begin to breed other negative limiting beliefs. For example she might begin to believe she is worthless, or the cause of his anger (which will cause guilt in her). 

No one is responsible for anyone else's feelings. We all create our own reality. A population of various people all undergoing the same experience caused by another person, will have a myriad of various emotional responses to it and that person. So the person himself cannot be the cause. He may have acted as a stimulus, but each individual reacts in a different way.

So Let's say a young child has a mother who feels victimized by a cruel husband, the child's father. The mother underneath may be carry a lot of anger which over time has devolved into a deep resentment. The father likewise might be projecting power and responsibility out onto the mother, and feeling angry and resentful towards her. The war, however, is not between them, but ORIGINALLY in side of each of them--due to their own beliefs. 

If however, both are in denial of those inner wars--and maybe the outer too, then there will be a tremendous force of emotion building up within each and between each and it will affect all members of the family. However, while the un-faced feelings caused by the out-of-alignment-beliefs of the adults will be picked up on by all of the children, there may be one that is more receptive and vulnerable. That child may develop cancer--for the whole family.

It is a well known fact in "Family Systems" psychology, that when one member of a family is "acting out" -- and cancer is most definitely a form of "acting out" then that one member, often a child, is seen by the family as "the problem," the therapists sees that child as simply being the one who is displaying the presenting symptoms, but that the whole family is in need of therapy and healing.

Health professionals would do well to look at a child with cancer in the same way. That child will be carrying the illness-responsibility for the whole family. The whole family is sick and the parents are usually the best place to start in searching for the root causes of the child's cancer.

This is, of course, very difficult for parents to face--that they might be the cause of their child's illness! Impossible! The thought does not bear thinking. And so they deny it. But this is one of the most dangerous tricks of the ego mind--which is the part of the psyche most people plunk their "I" in. They would do better to place their I in their Entity Self. Nut more on that later.

For now, a good therapist or healer of any sort would assist the parents ego minds to not put their head in the sand because their self esteem feels threatened. This can be accomplished by telling them that everyone truly does create their own reality--including babies and small children. So on some higher level, the child accepted the challenge of carrying the burden of cancer for the family. So the parents, while not feeling like they are the sole cause of the child's illness, can look at their role in it without losing self esteem. We are all perfectly imperfect. The UNiverse has arranged everything beautifully so that even while one accepts and listens to the intial warning signals of natural guilt, they do not get lost in excessive, ego mind self blame or cultural and religious ideas of right and wrong and sin.

Once the adults around a child with cancer can accept their role in the child's illness, they can look bravely within themselves and ask--what is bothering me. They can go through the steps listed below with great courage and full belief in FREE-GIVENESS (replacing "forgiveness," from God and from themselves. They can face the truth of their own emotions and can dig behind them for the causal negative beliefs. These beliefs can then be flipped to their positive polar opposite. This will natural create a well-spring of new positive emotions flowing freely. (and anger, relatiive to powerlessness, is a positive emotion) These emotions and new beliefs can then be used to bring about a change action and direction i the life of the adults. With that the child is very likely to heal spontaneously.

NUMBER 3: Martyrdom

The child and the family gestalt, before leaving higher levels of reality and consciousness may have agreed that, at a certain point in their family life, for various reasons, the death of one of their children would likely stimulate spiritual growth in the rest of the family. The child agrees to be the martyr on that higher level. Very likely none will recall their higher intentions once they have arrived in this lower level of reality. 

So the child gets the illness and dies in order to give the family the opportunity to grow spiritually in specific ways. Sometimes the nature of the challenge can be discerned before the child dies; the family can make the spiritual changes they desire; and the child might possibly recover. But most often the child has chosen to live only a short life this time. So the only recourse for families with a child that is experiencing cancer is to do their best to face and feel their emotions--about everything--honestly, to look for the limiting beliefs behind the negative feelings, and to institute changes on the level of action...and see what happens. The child may heal. But whether or not s/he does, the family will have grown, together, spiritually.


  1. Ask yourself what is bothering you most in your life. 
  2. Be brave and face the truth around this, even if the position seems untenable. (Eg. my husband no longer loves me and that feels unbearable to look at.)
  3. Assume that, since it feels bad, that you have a misconception (false belief) around it. (Eg. I am unlovable, or I can't live without him, or this is horrible!)
  4. Imagine that the converse of that misconception or untrue belief is the actual truth. (Eg. I am lovable, I can thrive without him, and this is a great opportunity!)
  5. Notice how good it feels to believe this positive thing.
  6. Embrace the positive Truth and apply it in your life through action based on your new opportunity.
  7. Enjoy your spontaneous healing from cancer.

Health, Peace and Blessings,
Brenda H. Nelson

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