This is the current synopsis of the book and movie I am writing that will put in story form just how to heal oneself from cancer. It is based on Steve Jobs's life and his struggle with cancer. In this fictionalized version he discovers the cancer self-healing skills and goes on to use them successfully. Sir St. Jean Winchilsea is the character based on Steve Jobs.

by Brenda H. Nelson

c  BH Nelson 2012


  Sir St. Jean Winchilsea, aka “SJ” is a vice president of Monarch Energy--the largest oil and energy company in the world.  At their New York headquarters he oversees their newly launched Alternative Energy Division from his office on the 110th floor of the Monarch Building. Things are seemingly copacetic now between him and the company, but it had not always been so. 
Several years before, he had actually been “kicked upstairs” by the board of directors and he had promptly quit. The real reason for his being squeezed out  was  his terrible temper and general insolence to anyone and everyone.  Observers  found it hard to believe that the company that  his grandfather had founded, and which SJ had built up from mediocre to topnotch could let him go. But they did.

SJ, after a temporary depression, recovered and went on with renewed vigor to fulfill another life long dream--that of founding an animated film production company--PIxie Entertainment. From that vantage point of his growing success at PIxie he watched with mixed feelings as Monarch Energy began to flounder.
Soon after he left, Monarch began an ever-accelerating  downward slide that only stopped when SJ was rehired two years before. He had  thrown himself into the task of turning the company around, at great benefit to the firm, but at great personal cost to himself and his family.

Now, after 2 years back with  Monarch,  he is struggling with the demands of PIxie and his family --especially his daughter Evelyn.  He truly loves both of his businesses and his family, but the stress is beginning to get to him.  Always ill tempered with  people in general, his rages are becoming much worse--extending even to his wife and daughter, who, heretofore, have been exempt. The only  one he never attacks is his friend John Lightfoot, another Brit, and an old Oxford chum. When SJ  had started Pixie he appointed the sweet, child-like, bear-of-man as Chief Creative Officer.

At the moment, SJ is asleep in his swanky River Club apartment near Central Park in Manhattan. But he is experiencing a terrible nightmare. We watch as he battles a mega-tsunami in his dream and loses his hands and takes a shard of glass in his solar plexus.  He awakens terrified and yelling. His wife and preteen daughter comfort him. The next day he goes to the doctor and discovers he has cancer of the pancreas. Back at Pixie he shares the terrible news with John, who points out that the pains in his stomach began just 2 years before, just as he went back to work for Monarch.

At that revelation SJ decides to take a week off from all work. He grabs his family and heads for “Eyrie” their breezy hilltop  retreat in Bar Harbor Maine.

It is in Bar Harbor that he meets Danu, a New-Age, mIddle-age women who is just entering graduate school in Bar Harbor.  They meet in a health food store where he is having a temper tantrum at a stunned clerk. Danu diplomatically steps in to mediate, but as she raises her eyes to SJ’s, for the first time, she is transfixed--as is he!  Here eyes turn propane blue. They both feel a tremendous jolt of recognition. They have met before--without a doubt--and yet neither can recall where. She knows it must have been in a past life. He is only conscious of  a tremendous attraction to her.

After the clash with the clerk has been settled, SJ offers to give Danu a ride home. On the way he asks her about herself. She reveals that at age 60 she has decided to pursue her Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology. He is amazed that she is 60; she looks 45 at most.

Danu shares that her dissertation theme is, “The Psycho-spiritual Aetiology and Healing of Cancer.”  He is intrigued, but does not at first reveal that he has cancer. Instead  he shares that he had a brief “hippie” period as a young man in which he traveled to India to study with a guru. There he developed a meditation practice he would maintain for the rest of his life. But largely, since then, he has left the spiritual path for the business path, even while retaining  an interest in all things “counter culture. ” This can be see most especially by his interest health foods and supplements and beyond that, a short way into alternative healing methods.

She is pleased that they have these things in common. Then she relates that she is floundering at school already and it is only the beginning. She does not feel like she “fits-in.”

They stop by his house first, where Danu is introduced to Lorelie and Evelyn, SJ’s wife and daughter. Danu and Evelyn hit it off immediately, but there is a coolness from Lorelie towards Danu. SJ drives Danu home and their lives continue separately for a while. Danu runs into more trouble at school over her use of diving rods and over a very self-revealing piece of art she makes for a class. SJ returns to New York where there is more conflict with his wife, daughter and people at work.

A few weeks later  SJ returns alone to Bar Harbor and looks up Danu. She shares with him what has been happening at school. She relates that while she can do the heavy load of academics, she can  only  do it superficially. Her sense of integrity feels greatly compromised by this. However, she did receive some comfort when she discovered that everyone is doing the same thing! She and all of her  classmates are regularly assigned more work than is humanly possible to do well. The fraternity-hazing attitude of the administration towards the students appalls her--and them. Despite this mutual experience she is often at odds with her cohort, as well as the faculty and administration. She is taken aback by this dislike on their part, as she has always considered herself easy to get along with, if something of a loner. However, her only real supporter at the school is another middle-aged student named Aubrey Richardson who did his undergraduate work at Harvard. He is a strong, quiet, self-contained black man with a homely, scarred face, and a wild mane of dreads. His “Vietnam Vets for Peace” tie-dyed T shirts hide the bayonet wounds that just missed his heart.  He has recently moved from Hawaii where he had spent many years after the war subsisting in the jungle, struggling with PTSD and developing a spiritual practice. Finally feeling well enough,  he has come to Maine to study Metaphysics  and Transpersonal Psychology in hopes of opening a counseling practice for other Vets...and to fall in love with Danu.

  On the evening that SJ returns to Bar Harbor and is visiting Danu,  Aubrey shows up at her apartment unannounced and is surprised to  find another man there. He already has begun to have proprietary feelings towards her.  It is very awkward as the two  “warrior” types size each other up. Aubrey, however,  is the polar-iceberg opposite of the hotly  aggressive SJ--an anomaly when one considers their cultural backgrounds. Aubrey displays a cool, retiring surface, but has vast  frozen depths beneath--ones that begin to melt  under the warmth of Danu’s caring.

SJ is more like an active volcano on the surface,  with miles of rock solid depth veined with channels of scorching magma  that can erupt at any time. With Danu’s help he will learn to channel this heat more constructively.

Both men are charismatic in their own ways. Those who  succumb to Aubrey’s attractions might, however, suddenly  find themselves experiencing the “raptures of the deep,” as he can be intoxicatingly attractive when he feels like it,  but absolutely deadly when he is in a dark place. Other people’s fascinations with SJ  arise in response to the tremendous warmth, enthusiasm and affection he can display. But they can get badly burned when he can turn it off as quickly as he turned it on. A not-so-subtle  competition arises between the two powerful males for the affections of Danu. The relationship between fire and ice intimates the outcome of this rutting of egos and psyches.

As the story progresses,  Danu grows closer with both SJ and Aubrey.  She finds them both very alluring. However, there is a stronger physical pull towards SJ  for her, but his emotional  brutality can turn her off in a nano-second.  Aubrey is usually gentle, kind and more spiritually aware than SJ--but he can turn oddly cold and “unavailable.” Confusingly for Danu, when he does this he clutches her to him and yet shuts her out at the same time!

Soon after meeting Aubrey, SJ (strategically?) reveals to Danu that he has cancer. Danu is deeply compassionate and yet she knows that their relationship, at this point, could become completely centered on his illness--which she does not want.  While deeply desiring to help him she does not want to become a planet to his perhaps dying sun. She also still wants to have time and attention to give to Aubrey. Thus, sensing her way intuitively, she seeks a balance between her needs and SJ’s.

She asks him to listen to her, for a change, as she relates her conflicted feelings about pursuing her doctorate--between her intellect and her intuition. And he does listen, but clearly feels her life is much less important than his own. She feels disappointed, but decides to be patient with him. 
She explains to him that there is a part of her that believes that she  needs a Ph.D. in order to succeed at bringing the cancer cure she has developed in her private counseling practice to the world. She has discovered that the roots of cancer lie not in the physical, but the psycho-spiritual, but it is a hard sell with most people--even with the people at her school--of all places!

Thus her intuition seems to be telling her to leave the school. However, her intellectual side does not want to accept that. 

“The Maine Academy for Spiritual Sciences,” or M.A.S.S., has the best reputation and highest academic rank in the country, she tells SJ.  However, she is finding  the bull shit is just piled too high. Additionally, she assumed  she would find a certain level of spiritual knowledge and wisdom at the school that simply has not materialized, except  in Aubrey. This commonality is the major  ingredient in the cement of their relationship.

She tells SJ that she has recently begun to speak with Ph.D. graduates from other schools of psychology. In doing so she has learned, surprisingly, that it is the same everywhere. He comforts and questions her, then tosses out a few suggestions. She could begin private counseling work again in a smaller way--, while still at school or maybe begin a lecture career.

After he leaves she reviews their conversation and her feelings about school and realizes that she does not want to give up on the Ph.D. dream yet. As a compromise she decides to pursue his suggestion of offering a class in “Cancer Self Healing Skills” in Bar Harbor, at the health food store where she and SJ met. They regularly have presenters give seminars and classes on alternative subjects. For the next week she happily proceeds with implementing this plan.

However, the administrative head of M.A.S.S., Carole Barnes,  discovers what she is planning and tells her to cancel. She explains that the school cannot allow her to teach yet, as  she is not yet fully qualified. And, if she were to mislead cancer patients into believing that they could substitute psychotherapy for medical care it might put the school in legal jeopardy. Danu  once again realizes that the school still does not believe that she really has found the root cause of cancer and how to heal it. She tries again to explain but Carole merely responds with a threat of  expulsion or possible court action, if she continues.

However, things look up when she relates all of this to SJ, he encourages her to do it anyway. He makes a quick call to his lawyer and tells her she is legally on solid ground. Plus... he says he’ll sign up for the class. She also shares her plans with Aubrey who is noncommittal.

On the first night of class she is surprised to see Aubrey walk in.  She asks him if he has come  to give her moral support.  He nods in the affirmative and then quietly adds that he is there as a student as well. Danu is stunned. “But this is just for people who have cancer now.”

“I know,” he says softly. He had never mentioned it to her!  As he turns to take his seat he notices SJ in the back. They nod. Then Aubrey turns back to Danu. “Him too?” She nods. SJ immediately understands what is happening. They all smile ironically.

Danu goes on to teach the class for the next three months. The initial enrollment had been  fifteen, but by the third week it is down to a solid core group of five. Each of these has committed to stay to the end. The stories of the five unfold in detail and each one  profoundly moves SJ.  He begins to feel genuine caring and compassion for others. Not just in the class, but in every area of his life. Some  class members heal and  some don’t. But love touches and transforms all.

SJ Danu and Aubrey develop a deep admiration and respect for one another. But when the New Year arrives Aubrey  succumbs to his illness, having been unable to find and face the demons that he encountered not only in Vietnam, but in his childhood...and perhaps even further back than that. His death devastates the class. Danu is deeply saddened. SJ is not only sad but terrified he will not be able to make it either.

SJ and Danu go through a lot together, struggling to make sense of Aubrey’s death and the cancer that is still eating away at SJ.  Now Danu is even more committed to finding the rest of the answer to the cure she knows is basically correct. What has alluded her so far is the reason  why some people seem to allow healing and others resist it. She consults Dr. Carl Simonton and learns from him that many of the people who come to him simply seem to not want to live any longer. Danu asks him why. He says he does not know. So she knows that she needs to find out why for herself. She suspects that it is simply a deeply held belief within the cancer-sufferer, that there is no solution to their problem--the underlying one causing the cancer. She had watched her own mother die of breast cancer, despite Danu’s best efforts to free her of a belief that she could not divorce her second husband, Danu’s stepfather. Despite her mother’s frantic desire to get away from him and his selfish  demands that she had resented--yet had given into--for many years, she remained married to him, believing that divorce was simply “wrong.” Danu knew that this is what had finally killed her. She did not believe that liberty was possible in this lifetime and so she chose death. The solution was right there--allow that divorce was okay. But her mother could not accept that.

However, SJ appears to Danu to be much more determined to find his conflicting and limiting beliefs and to alter them. He always returns after his flights and resurrects the emotional courage to look ever deeper into himself and to summon the emotional honesty necessary to uncover the negative roots of the emotional/mental “cancer” in his psyche.

Inspired by his willpower, focus and determination, Danu’s own warrior spirit awakens, and she becomes more determined herself to bring  a cancer cure to him and to the world.

Over the ensuing months SJ and Danu grow together and apart, fluctuating with SJ’s health. Finally, his efforts pay off.  In a touching scene with his daughter  Evelyn he comes to realize that he has abandoned her emotionally just as deeply  as his birth parents had physically abandoned him. He tells her however as an infant he knew what was happening, and was terrified and furious about it. SJ further realizes that he has exploited Evelyn --and his own inner child-- in the pursuit of his intellect’s goals!  This he tells her is the heart of his problem.  He understands now that he must begin to nurture her and the inner child aspect of himself  that Evelyn reflects.

Back in Maine with Danu SJ allows his inner child self to fully feel the terrible fear and anger at being  abandoned by his parents  as an infant. She helps him to understand the situation from their point of view--and how perfect it was for all of them. This is a hard pill to swallow, as he has enjoyed his self-righteous indignation and the excuses it provided him for many years. That was the payoff he had to let go of. He finally accepts his parents as they are and allows that good things did come out of his being raised by the more stable adoptive parents who chose him over all others. Tremendous relief follows. Now he nearly  fully  understands what Danu has been trying to share with him for months. However,  a bit more of the puzzle is yet to be revealed.

Danu suspects there is a bit more work to do, but allows that by identifying the negative emotions  and the beliefs generated by his early experiences and replacing them with positive beliefs that his body is responding by healing! She does a psychic diagnosis on him and sure enough--the cancer gone! So armed with his new understanding of the causal relationship between his negative beliefs and the cancer,  comes not only healing but floods of positive emotions--relief, joy, peace.  The truth that his new perception of the  two people who gave him life, as flawed yet perfectly imperfect beings--just like himself and everyone else--sets him free.  

Additionally he begins to see that he has been abandoning himself  and others, just as he was abandoned and that the result was even more damaging to himself than to those others. He begins to understand that his anger is really bullying and a fear-based attempt to control others.
Back in New York  SJ’s doctor runs tests and gives him the all clear and asks how he did it, having used none of the usual Allopathic protocol.  SJ explains that he has discovered that the roots of cancer lie in the mental realm--not the physical. The way to heal cancer is to heal the mental cause behind it he explains. He relates that with the help of Danu, his friend and teacher, he has discovered the root cause of his illness--in his childhood! The lack of control and feelings of powerlessness drove him to attain as much outer power as he could.

The limiting belief that  power was outside of himself had driven him to attempt to dominate others--and himself-- in any way he could. The long term resentment he had carried about his abandonment added fuel to the fire of his beliefs. SJ goes on to explain that  the aristocratic family who adopted him were extremely kind and loving towards him, but  it was never enough to assuage the early feelings of  hurt, fear and anger  that were originally directed towards his birth parents, but later towards everyone.  The rejection by  his father was perhaps the most painful.

The doctor, doesn’t get it. He is appalled that SJ has been listening to this Danu, whoever she is. He tries to convince SJ to allow a course of chemotherapy. He very convincingly explains that even though the tests were completely clear, the cancer cells might be still lurking--hiding in his body and just to be safe they should do a sweep with the chemicals. However, SJ recalls that this was the same thing that was told to his friend Lars, one of the other students in Danu’s class. It had been clear to him at that time that Lars had been sold a bill of goods, and he is buying none of the same. He gets up and walks out.

When SJ returns to Maine he goes directly to Danu. She seems preoccupied but he cannot wait to tell her the good news. He shares that  his doctor has confirmed what they already new (by his great improvement) that he is cancer-free. However, she does not respond with the joyousness he had expected. Perturbed, he almost walks out, but remembers his new understanding about everyone being perfectly imperfect. Instead he stays and questions her more closely.

In a subdued manner she assures him that she really is very happy that he is clean and clear, but there could still be a problem further down the road. For a moment fear grabs at his gut, is she going to tell him he needs to have a chemo-sweep too?

However, although she agrees with the doctor that there may be some  residual hidden factors,  she knows that they are in the mental/emotional/spiritual realm. And she is  most definitely not recommending chemo. Instead she tells him that, while he was in NY, she had been meditating on him and doing a psychic diagnosis. It has shown that while he has healed enough of the mental cause to dissolve the cancer, there is still a piece of the root cause to be extirpated--in order that there may be no relapse or shift to another illness.

She explains that in her meditation she sensed that there was a past life that needs to be healed before truly complete healing will be achieved.

At first SJ is angry. Then he relents and asks her what more needs to be done. She explains that what is needed now is a “past life recall” to bring up the unresolved psycho-spiritual  issues that bridge that life and this one. They need to identify the last remaining bits of the root and then to repattern that past life so that it has a happier outcome. She explains that repatterning means literally changing the past so that it then changes the “future” that one is living now. Although he finds it a bit hard to believe, he accepts what she says--that the past is just as malleable as the future.

Then with Danu guiding him, he lays down and goes  into a deep hypnotic state. Shortly begins to see images of people  and buildings from 16th century Spain. He recognizes St. John of the Cross (another SJ) born Juan De Yepes. Abruptly he also  realizes that he is looking at himself! Danu has gone down into trance with him and is viewing the same scenes. Suddenly they both gasp.  Not only is SJ  that famous St. John, but Danu is his dear friend, St. Theresa D’Avila!

This explains why they both felt such recognition when they met for the first time, in the health food store. In that past life they both been passionate as children, both physically and spiritually. Then they had joined the Carmelite order, but finding it too lax had founded a yet more severely restrictive order. had fought off feelings of love and  physical passion  for each other and, with great self-discipline, they had  forced themselves to focus only on the spiritual--or what they assumed to be the spiritual--but which was actually only  their Catholic religion’s interpretation of the Spiritual Truth in that day and age. In fact, finding the church’s interpretation too liberal they had conspired to make it yet more  conservative by espousing extreme poverty and humiliation of the body through self abuse.
As SJ and Danu watch they are increasingly aware that their counterparts’ deep desire to know God is actually being tainted by the restrictive and limiting intellectual beliefs of the church--taken even further by themselves.  Much of the spirituality that Christ had taught 1500 years before had been lost in translations and interpretations by an increasing left-brain/intellect/masculine oriented human evolution. They watch with sadness as the two selves from 500 years earlier reject bodily comfort and health, happiness and joy in so many forms and  replace it with denial, suffering extending even unto  self flagellation--in order to render themselves “acceptable” to God!

Danu knows, in this lifetime, that God/The Great Mother gives unconditional love all of the time to everyone. S/He accepts everyone just as they are, even while inviting them to be more of who they really are--Divine Beings. But it is through a path of happiness and  health-inducing choices that this is achieved, not suffering as Theresa and John thought.  What Danu and SJ are observing is the terrible domination of the intellect over the heart/intuition. It is the misuse of the intellect to assert authority over all of the softer, more recessive “selves” such as the child, the feminine, the body and the Natural.

They do see other parallels to themselves as well though. They recognize a strong counter-culture revolutionary spirit that is shared by the four.  Also, extreme determination and belief in themselves. And for Danu there is also a deep desire to know God through meditation. This is just  beginning for SJ, however, as his meditation practice was more focused on just learning to relax his body. 
But now they watch sadly as both past life selves--John and Theresa--age, sink into ill health and die, never having felt the full allowing-love of each other--or God!

At this point Danu brings them both gently back to the present time. They look at each other in loving amazement--their faces swimming in and out of focus with the faces of St. John and St. Theresa. After a while she whispers to him. “That wa was amazing!!  They wanted so much to ‘get it right.’ But, now we are free to repattern those lives.” “Shall we continue?” He smiles and nods his assent. She brushes his eyes closed and directs him to... “Go back to the most significant choice point in the life of St. John.”

SJ pauses briefly, then replies, “He is young. They have only known each other for several months. But now he is wanting desperately  to tell  Theresa of his love for her--as a woman. But he turns away, remembering his vows of celibacy to the church and God. He believes he must choose between the Heavenly Father and this woman. He doesn’t know that all happiness brings him closer to God. John would have  had a better chance of attaining heaven on earth and thereafter if he had gone with his spontaneous inclinations towards happiness--not with what his head thought was ‘correct.’ ”

Danu nods. “Okay, so see yourself with her. Speak to her from your heart. SJ, speaks. “Theresa, I want to you to know  that I love you, with all of my heart and my soul and I want to express this love to you with my body. I want to worship you with my body. I want to  worship the Divine and the human in you.” 
Theresa, still not far from her girlhood in which she indulged in romantic novels and flirtations with boys is still free to answer from her heart and her body. She whispers,  “Yes, John, I feel that same passion. Such joy cannot displease God!” Overjoyed the souls of the four begin to vibrate in harmony.

SJ (St. Jean) reaches up and draws Danu’s face down to his own and touches his lips to hers as lightly as a butterfly touching a flower.  She gasps at the intensity of sensation that ripples through her. And so they drift blissfully into a night  of  lovemaking that surges and withdraws of its own will and flow. Here at last is the consummation of the love they have held for each other for almost 500 years. The images shift softly between the two couples-- bridging the centuries of denial and suffering in exquisite completion and joy.
They awake the next morning feeling somehow different. Danu looks at herself and him, “We did it! We repatterned the past and now we are different people because of it. We have shifted into an alternate reality--one closer to our true path toward “Home. I can feel it! Can you feel it?” SJ nods in amazement. They even look different--younger happier, with more light emanating from their faces and bodies.

Later-on the revisit the “repatterned” lives of ” John and Theresa in the 16th century. As they watch from their trance state they see that the two have gone on to found a new Carmelite order that is based on individual and collective happiness.  Their bodies heal and they begin to teach others how to heal themselves in the same way.  Their new creed has become “Allow Everything and Know God Within Yourself.” They have become more deeply spiritual and more deeply “spiritually sensual.”

Now SJ and Danu  are free as well, to go on with their lives. SJ has healed completely. He and his wife have separated.   Aubrey has died.  Danu has decided to leave M.A.S.S. SJ has decided to leave Monarch oil. And most importantly for him, he is working on his relationship with his daughter Evelyn and with his own inner child. Now SJ and Danu are free many of the limits of the past--and are deeply in love with each other...and themselves!

They go on together, making plans to found  “The Vesica Picis Cancer Retreat Center” of Bar Harbor Maine. (This is merely the first of many healing   centers that the couple will found. They will each be  staffed by a cooperative community of dedicated individuals.) SJ  will provide the money and testimonials to the efficacy of the treatment. Danu will be the director. We watch as Danu begins to gather staff and SJ breaks ground for the physical buildings--ones of their own designs.

When the next summer arrives all is in readiness, but SJ feels that Danu needs a break before she begins work. For her birthday, which is June 21, the Summer Solstice, he spirits  Danu, and Evelyn and her best friend Adam away to New York City.

There,  SJ makes one of his,  Danu’s and Evelyn’s small but important dreams come true. Danu, who has a good voice has always wanted to sing a torch song in a jazz night club.  Evelyn who plays very good saxophone has wanted a premier venue in NYC for her and her best friend Adam, who plays a mean blues/jazz guitar. SJ has gotten back into playing piano, which he had dropped when he went back to Monarch. He has never played in public and wants to give it a try. So now he has rented “Smoke,” a night club on the upper west side of Manhattan Valley.  It is literally the best Jazz club in New York City and he has paid a fortune to be able to play one set with his family.

SJ opens with a tune of his own, backed by the former Gene Harris  band, including guitarist Ron Eschete, bassist Luther Hughes, and drummer Harold Jones. SJ is thrilled and even a little intimidated, but he manages to hold his own. As the applause dies at the end of the piece, SJ moves right into the opening notes of “At Last.”  The spot light picks up Danu walking up to the microphone looking very sexy in a plain black strapless evening gown, with long a coat-dress made of glittering silver net, over it.  From her ears, strands of sparkling diamonds glisten--a gift from SJ.  The white cloud of her hair forms the perfect foil for these and together they create an aureole of light around her head. The audience draws a collective in-breath and waits.
SJ can see she is a little nervous and he gives her a smile and nod of encouragement. She pauses. He waits, holding a long note. Then she takes a big breath and slides into the song made famous by Etta James.... “A-a-a-a-t   l-a-a-st....” A few bars in, SJ glances at the audience and can see that they are caught in the same spell that caught him--some ethereal quality generating  angelic music through her--not only her voice, but her entire person. She seems exalted. Danu and SJ exchange loving looks at poignant moments when the lyrics particularly express their own feelings.

As the last strains die away there is silence...then wild applause erupts.
Danu snaps out of her trance, but seems confused about where she is for a moment. Then comprehension dawns and she beams at the audience, at SJ and the band. She does a little Namaste bow from time to time and waits in modest confusion as the applause rolls on.

Finally, SJ stands and thanks the audience, asks them to be seated so he can introduce two more talented group members.
Then Evelyn and Adam  walk out on-stage to join SJ and Danu near the piano. Adam looks very self-possessed, as he has already played many gigs in Jazz bars around Maine. He  has a child-prodigy reputation. Evelyn looks a little nervous but a wink from her father seems to loosen her up her. She  smiles, forgetting she has her reed for her saxophone in her mouth, then giggles and spits it out. 
SJ begins the next piece  alone, reprising Gene Harris’ version of “Summer Time,” which starts off following the classic lines of the Gershwin tune. Danu comes in soon in a high sweet soprano voice. Soon the rest of the band join them. As the piece moves along he gives both his young protogee’s solos; the audience is totally wowed.  Then he takes over again, slows the piece way down and then suddenly goes into the  rock- out/break-out bridge that Gene Harris made famous. This brings the audience to their feet cheering, clapping and dancing! 

The End

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