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Hi _________:
My family is well. I hope that yours is too.
I am honored that you have chosen to confide your fears and your worrisome [breast] condition with me.

I know it can seem unbelievable at first, but the more you use the steps outlined in the website the more you will see that it works and you will come to believe. I have used them all of my life and have healed myself of one thing after another. Now I have only occasional minor ailments, which I apply the same techniques to--and heal.

So even though you have not been diagnosed with cancer, it is good that you are paying attention to changes in your breasts. It does have importance for your health. May I ask how old you are?

If you are young and going through puberty it is normal for your breasts to change size. Breast size can vary a little bit also with were you are in your monthly menstrual cycle.

So I will address your question about heredity first and I will add the question and answer to my website as it is a very good question.

Do you believe in reincarnation? Or the eternal nature of the soul? I do. In fact I know these are both facts.

So given these facts and also the fact that we were conscious before we were born, the picture about heredity begins to come together.

We are fully conscious  and spiritually mature beings before we are born into this life.
And before we were born we discussed with our spiritual teachers what spiritual issue we wanted to focus upon in the next life. This life.

When we had selected an issue, we then met with other souls who had the same issue, for we wanted to be part of a family that could reflect our issue in either positive and negative ways--or both. We wanted to have the reflection to study--like looking in a mirror so we could see in someone else close to us what was perhaps more difficult to see in our selves. You know how that can be? It is sometimes easier to see other people's problems and solutions than it is to see our own.

Before we were born we also considered entering many different ancestral families. We looked at many family histories to see if they were dealing with this same spiritual issue that we were interested in. All individuals in all families do this before their birth.

So, having selected an issue, we then we  selected a family--and their family history--their ancestors--who had been working on this spiritual issue--sometimes for many generations. This spiritual issue, if not dealt with, would lead to serious health issues. The spiritual issue would even affect the genes. Thus, to doctors of Western Medicine (which is all over the world now) it APPEARS to them that the gene causes the health issue. That is because they only look at the physical level of any illness.

The male mind only looks at the surface of things. The female mind looks deeper. But the female mind is not respected in the world these days. (And many women are trying to be like men instead of trying to be like their own deepest feminine being. They give up power and authority to men--to the male mind. This is a big mistake.)

Please understand that when I speak of a "spiritual issue" I mean that there will be both positive and negative sides to the issue. For example, there may be an issue of power in one family. And in that family some members will seem powerful and dominating, others will express power wisely through strength and love, others will have the issue of feeling powerless--perhaps being bullied or abused. So all sides of the issue may be reflected in the family. Or the family may choose to experience just one aspect of power--you know how some families seem to be powerless generation after generation? That is their choice before they are born--to experience this and to try to learn the true nature of PERSONAL  power. Power over others is not real power at all. We only have power over ourselves. And in reality--no-one else has any power over us that we do not give them. So when someone from a long-time powerless family finally understands their own PERSONAL POWER they begin to be able to make positive changes. They stop feeling and acting powerless. They begin to make good things happen in their lives.

So that is one example.

With any health issue one should look at the function of the organ involved. In your case it is the breasts. Breasts are meant to nurture. But oftentimes women make the spiritual mistake of being overly concerned with nurturing or "care-taking" others. They put themselves second or even last most of the time. Their spiritual issue is often about  learning how to nurture themselves first--and when they feel that their inner child is happy...then...if they still have time and interest in doing so, they can nurture others as well. But it is of great spiritual importance to women in this day and age to realize that we have been living  for thousands of years in a world wide culture that said we should put men first--take care of them, then our children, then our parents, then people less fortunate than us...and then finally, if we had any time, love and energy left over..we could give ourselves something. This is NOT good.

Many women around the world are calling this a "patriarchal culture". It is not as things should be. Many women around the world are now starting to put themselves first--and this is as it should be. This is not basically political, but rather it is basically spiritual. It is the way things are meant to be. We are meant to put our selves first, then our children second, our mothers third, sisters after that and then the men in our families. Men must learn to stop using women so much as  servants and learn to take care of themselves more. It will be very good for them too.

Well, I hope that this is of some assistance to you.

Again, look for the thing that is bothering you the most, on the deepest level of feeling you can access. Consider that the beliefs behind the feeling may NOT be true. Try believing something that feels better to you and watch your feelings change. Then ACT on your new beliefs and feelings and watch your body become healthy!

Peace and Blessings

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