Thursday, February 7, 2013


I know that millions are still being spent on research to find a scientific cure for cancer, but truly the search is over.

The reason the scientists have not announced the cure is because they don't know it.  They are looking side of a very small box when the answer is outside of the box.

The box is called "the physical level of our being." Allopathic medicine practitionsers (conventional medicine), although extremely well-intentioned, seems to be blind to most everything that is not on the physical level. They appear to believe that "Physical problems have physical causes and physical cures--ONLY!"

They do not recognize fully yet--although many are beginning to wake up to the truth--that we are also spiritual, mental and emotional beings--not just physical. And they do not yet realize that the actual root cause of physical problems lie in the spiritua/mental/emotional realm.

The solution to the problem of healing cancer is so BIG and so bright that very few people are seeing it. But it is staring us right in the face. People have been curing themselves of cancer since time immemorial. But somewhere along the line we began to give up power and authority to others for our healing--when actually the power to heal ourselves of ANYTHING lies within ourselves-- AND NO ONE ELSE!

So all of those seeming cures produced by whatever allopathic medicine believed in at the time--drinking glass fulls of mercury, or applying leaches... right down to chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are not now and never have cured anyone of cancer! The person's own mental shift cured them.

Each person who experienced a healing from cancer did so because on some deep level they underwent and spiritual, mental and emotional shift in their being. Perhaps under the stress of being faced with this illness, they co-incidentally decided some specific thing  in their life had to change--maybe because they felt they had little time left in this life--so what the heck! They might have decided that someone else's behavior was no longer acceptable. "If I only have a year t live, I am not going to take that anymore!" they might have thought. And so they simply would not allow themselves to be treated badly or discourteously by that person any longer. Or they may have finally faced some dark secret they were ashamed of and said--what the heck--I've only got 6 months, I might as well face how badly I have been feeling about that. And so with facing certain "true feelings" about themselves or others they began to feel better. Landfills of old emotions were dug up and sent through the inner "waste-to-energy-plant."  Rotting garbage of emotions came up to the surface of their consciousness, were aknowledge and allowed and acted upon (safely for everyone.)  They examined their beliefs (thoughts) around the subject. They noticed large patterns of thinking and behavior on their part or on other people's parts. They changed some basic belief around a particular subject. And finally they took action on their own behalf--action based on their new positive belief. It would be action that, while perhaps risky in terms of how others might react, made they-themselves feel better.

For example, one person I know was secretly gay. However, they had married a person of the opposite sex, in order to please their parents and society. But it did not please them in their most basic self. Resentments grew towards their marriage partner--although it was not their fault--and they also felt bitter towards the culture they lived in for being less than accepting of different lifestyles (they worked in the academic world.)

So after having been diagnosed with cancer (in the genitals) they finally faced their own gayness and became more honest with themselves emotionally...and then with others as well. This brought great relief emotionally, which immediately allowed much more energy to flow through the body. (Restrictive, tight, pinching mindsets create restricted, tight, pinched body-sets. They shut off energy flow in the body.) Energy needs to flow freely through the mind first and then it will flow freely through the body.

So the whole secret is to face what one has been keeping secret from oneself (and often others too) pull it out into the light. Let the energy flow around it. And then act on  new positive beliefs that become apparent. The body will heal itself naturally, all by itself, with that.

So doctors are not used to thinking in this way...that the mind is actually the root cause of our illnesses, but it is. That is why science has not come up with this big bright obvious naswer--that if we are unhappy or angry for a long time it wil eventually makes us ill--even unto cancer.

 In future I see the psychologists and other types of emotional/ mental counselors as also being the  catalysts for physical healing as well--the new doctors. In our not too distant future, the counselors will assist people to their own self-healing.

Dr. Albert Schweitzer said it decades ago--" ALL HEALING IS SELF-HEALING."  And so it is. This website gives the basic steps for bringing about one's own self healing, but if you need help with them, I would be happy to assist you. I normally get $60 per hour for telephone counseling. But if you don't have it I can adjust my fee--down to 0 if need be.

This information belongs to the world. But your paid fee or donation can assist me to get the message out more effectively.
You can reach me at 207 443-3522 for an appointment. All the information you need to heal yourself is in this website, for free, but don't be ashamed to ask for help. Sometimes it easier for another person to see the forest you are lost in. While we are in the middle of it, it can be difficult to see the forest, because  the trees are in the way!

Peace and Blessings on Your Journey to Health!
Love, Brenda

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