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Cancer has a spiritual component that is at the root of the physical manifestation. In order to eradicate cancer one must always remove or change the negative emotional, mental, spiritual cause. When that is done--healing happens. However, any time cancer has been healed--seemingly-- due to surgery, or chemo, or radiation or herbs or acupuncture, or after  the application of any  purely physical level treatment has been applied, this is a misunderstanding.  These purely physical level treatments may seem to have caused healing--but that is not the case.

 Every time--without exception--the cause of healing is actually mental and emotional changes the person has made within themselves. When positive changes happen in the mind  and heart  of the person suffering with cancer, healing begins.  IT WILL ALWAYS BE THOSE CHANGES AT THOSE LEVELS THAT HEALED THE PERSON AND NOTHING ELSE.

However, the coincidental application of the physical level treatments oftentimes confuses where responsibility should be assigned.  The physical treatments usually get the credit for the cure. But this is simply not a true assessment of what actually happened.

Many people have healed themselves of cancer by applying psycho-spiritual corrections--in their consciousness only. Our bodies are out-growths of our consciousness. The health of our consciousness is always reflected in our bodies. Cancer is simply an outgrowth of some very serious misconceptions about what is true. Cancer is a symbol of some negative erroneous assumption that has been adopted into the person's belief system.  And when it is removed and replaced with THE TRUTH, the body very quickly heals.

Sometimes the problematic belief is painted so big and so bright, as it were, that it is hard to see. It is often a culturally accepted belief. Or the belief may involve thoughts and feelings about someone very close to the person who is dealing with cancer. In fact this is very often the case. The ego-mind has drawn a boundary around that belief and/or that person and has posted KEEP OUT  signs. In other words this is an area that feels very fragile to the person.  They will not look at this area because there is likely a lot of shame or fear attached to it.

For example, cancer is very often related to feelings of anger towards parents or spouses or children. But the ego-mind may very well have a belief that certain unhappiness will ensue if the problematic relationship is examined too closely--and if genuine feelings about that person they are close to were to be honestly felt--why then the whole relationship might fall apart! And the ego mind believes that that would be a very bad thing for its happiness.

I can only say that feelings can always be trusted, in fact it is a requirement that feelings be trusted in order to be happy and to move forward with any kind of psychological or spiritual growth. Emotional honesty is crucial.

The elephant in the living room must be acknowledged and embraced as the sign of good fortune that he is. Climb up on his back and he will carry you HOME!

So let's plunge right in. Cancer is often related to long held anger and resentment that is now festering and growing--and is hidden under the surface of the conscious mind. It is not hard to access it, even though it may be "sub conscious."  The  so-called subconscious is just the corner of our mind where we have swept all the awareness of  events and feelings that we felt we could not face at the time they happened. However, once these events and feelings are faced and the belief is turned 180 degrees around, AND, action has been taken on the new positive belief--the body heals--oftentimes miraculously quickly. And sometimes it happens so naturally and  that the miracle is not noticed!

The tumor was there and growing for months. The natural inner mind/emotion/action changes were made. And very shortly after that the tumor was simply not there! It may be like it never existed. So there may be a temptation to not give yourself credit for having healed yourself. 

Please do not do this. For this is a healing method that can and should be applied to everything. As life progresses new misconceptions will arise, and if they are held long enough a new illness will arise. So at that point you will need to look back at the fact that you healed yourself of cancer, and you can heal yourself of this new thing too.

I have gotten to the place in my life where I do not wait for illnesses and bodily discomforts to turn into serious illnesses. All big illness are preceded by a series of minor but increasingly emphatic bodily disturbances that should be paid attention to. Any thing other than perfect health indicates that something is off in our belief system. We have gotten ahold of an incorrect assumption.

 And as I said earlier some of these incorrect assumptions may be cultural ones for which you have been rewarded. Someone patted you on the head and said "Good little girl (or boy)."  But often these beliefs simply served someone other than you. So they reaped some immediate benefits of a shallow sort from your self-destructive cooperation.

For example, a women might feel very successful in our culture by totally sacrificing herself for her husband, family and community. She will garner many kudos for this and will feel good about herself. Meanwhile, on deeper levels in her psyche she may not be feeling good at all!  She may be legitimately wondering wondering why she and her happiness always has to come last after everyone else. So she has a common mistaken belief that it s better to give than to receive. And she may also believe that it is a mistake to complain when one is unhappy. And she may believe that the happiness of others is more important than her own. She may believe that self sacrifice is what God wants of her. She may belief that what others think of her is more important than how she actually feels--emotionally: that the secondary happiness she receives from the approbation of others can make up for ignoring her own desires and natural impulses towards primary happiness for herself.

But all of these are mistaken beliefs. They often lead to nurturing others and not the self. That leads to breast cancer. The truth is one must put oneself first. When one does follow one's own bliss others will benefit. Most women feel a natural urge towards  caring for their families, and happiness as a result of that--BUT--only as long as their needs are getting met too. There is enough to go around for everyone.

So in conclusion, we are primarily and eternally consciousness. The bodies we have are just equipment that comes with this particular reality. We live in many other realities. We have a body here to give us physical obvious feedback on how our spiritual health is. Any physical discomfort at all, tells us that we are out of alignment with spiritual truth. The worse the pain, or the more life threatening the illness, the more we are being shown that our spiritual health is seriously out of alignment with Truth.

But this should be seen as good news. It is nothing to fear. We will not be shown how bad we are. We will only be shown how much happier we could be if we allowed Truth in. And if we are happier, others around us will eventually be happier too.

For example, if a woman is not happy in her marriage, it may feel very frightening to her ego mind to think about that. She may want to cling to the outer form of the marriage--that is to stay married at all costs-- rather than to place a higher priority on her own deeper happiness. So her ego mind might fear looking at the emotional Truth of her unhappiness because she sees her husband as her source of physical/financial or social/emotional security--but the Truth is--he is not. The Divine being at the center of her SELF is the source of her well being and security--all kinds of security. By listening to her emotions and allowing them to lead her towards whatever makes her happy, she will find herself feeling more and more secure.  She can then stop looking to her husband for things he is not meant to provide.

Her husband may choose to be a channel the universe uses to bring her security sometimes. But he should not be relied upon to always be that security. He is just acting as a cooperative component of her own allowing of abundance. But at any time he might step out of that role and it will be immediately filled by something else. To be truly safe she needs to discover the deepest source of her own security--her own Divine Being--her God Self--The Great Mother at the center of her being.

So if this woman has perhaps made concessions to her husband in order to keep him around, so that she can feel secure. She may wait on him hand and foot. Or she may give him sex when he wants it but she does not. Or she might be working and putting him through graduate school when she actually is wanting to be home having babies. She may be turning a blind eye to his philandering. There are any number of things she may want that she feels she cannot have because he might not like it--and she erroneously believes she needs him for her basic happiness. She  may be keeping her emotional truth a secret (even from her self). This could leave her very angry and resentful towards him on a deep level. That anger and resentment may only get expressed obliquely as "accidents": she burns his toast continually, forgets to keep the check book balanced, or she might even get sick ("not tonight dear I have a headache") in order to avoid intimacy with him. But yet she still might cling to him. But some part of her is angry about  whatever she has given up in order to not rock the boat with him and to keep him around. And she might even feel guilty about what she has done to him covertly to express her anger.

In any case the only answer is emotional truth first with herself--and then with him. With that will come great relief. Then she can move slowly towards figuring out what it is  really "floats her boat." There will be no trade-offs when she comes into alignment with her deepest most essential self--a Self which IS TRUTH--DIVINE TRUTH.

This same sort of truth telling and subsequent actions based on that truth will set anyone free from any form of cancer or any other illness.

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